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wanna learn all things universe?

Don't Miss out The Life You Were Meant To Live

oh, and we use bad words here so if this offends you, this probably isn't the course for you babe. 

WE LIVE UNAPOLOGETICALLY HERE!! yaaaasssss bitch let's get into it.

Marble Surface


Best known for easing anxiety and stress, meditation is a simple daily practice that uses body awareness and breathing techniques to connect the body to the mind. Through meditation you are able to connect to source energy, a key to manifesting.

Deep Dive Healing

Learn to stop your toxic behaviors learned from childhood, and truly start healing. Where would your life be if you broke the cycle you were born into? Come heal with me.

What Do I Teach?

I help you unlock your full potential so you can live your dream life. Through the power of meditation and manifestation you can co-create a life of your dreams, whether that dream is quitting your 9-5 or finding your soulmate. I want you to give zero fucks and live unapologetically. I want you to know you are loved and taken care of. I've found these things for myself and I am here to share my techniques and strategies with you!


Remember when you were a kid and a grown up said "money doesn't grow on trees" ? Forget that. Money is just energy that can flow to you quickly if you let it! We will work through those blocks and get you on the path to success. Manifesting isn't just money though, you can achieve success in love, career, anything. Remember, DREAM LIFE.

Business Basics

Wanna grow or start a biz? Maybe just land your dream career? Let's do it. Here I'll teach you easy steps to plan out your dream job so you can start growing YOUR passion. Whether that means starting your own business or seeking out a position that lights a fire within you.